Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Simplest Bread

Israeli subsidized bread

As many basic food products, standard bread in Israel is subsidized by the government and should cost the same in every store. A loaf of your standard white bread would cost 5.5 NIS (~1.44$). The quality of bought cheap bread cannot be compared to a fresh homemade one, but for my purposes I rather compare it the cheapest alternative available to us. Lets see how much money we spend on our simplest homemade bread*:

2 tsp of yeast ~ 0.1 NIS

2 glasses of water ~ 0 NIS

10g of white sugar ~ 0.1 NIS

10g of salt ~ 0.1 NIS

10ml of veg oil ~ 0.1 NIS

600g of white flour ~ 3 NIS

1 hour of electricity ~ 0.3 NIS

Total - 3.7 NIS (0.97$)

* The quantities of yeast, sugar, salt and oil are so small that it's difficult to measure. The electricity consumption is based on our DE Dietrich oven, as provided in the company's website.   
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