Tuesday, 25 September 2012

planting store bought spring/green onions

some time ago i saw a video on you tube that shows how you plant the lower part of store bought spring onions (apparently they just keep on producing green leaves that you can cut over and over again. i also planted spring onions from seeds but that will take time until they will be ready for harvest so i figured i am going to try this!
so i just cut the lower part of one sprint onion when i made a salad 
(i usually only cut the roots and use the rest but i figured for this experiment we would need a bit more of the spring onion.)
and i just let it sit in a glass of water for some days.
this is after one day, i was amazed how you can already see that it grew (remember: it was a straight cut!)
 some days later i planted the green onion in soil and it keeps growing and growing.
so it is definitely worth a try and much quicker then growing them from seeds.

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