Saturday, 1 September 2012

home made potato chips

some days ago i saw this post by our best bits and i just had to try.
today was a rather lazy day... whatching old disney movies like 101 dalmatians, winnie the poo, aristocats or the lion king ... what better to go with that then home made potato chips?
 so here is my first try with that =)

here is what you will need:
  • as may potatoes as you like
  • some kind of (frying) oil
  •  salt, pepper or any other seasoning

1.) you can do this with any kind of potato i guess, i used some sweet potatoes as well as some new potatoes. you want to slice them very thin so dont even try to do this with a knife; use a mondoline, a food processor or a potato peeler to get the best results (if you potatoes are to big just cut them in half until they fit your method best, but try keeping them about the same size so they will fry evenly)
2.) place your slices in very cold water for about 10 min, stir them a bit and clean them with water several times after that to get most of the starch out.

3.) while the potatoes are getting ready you can start heating the oil. you dont need that much, just something like 5cm in a pot or pan. if you have a thermostat heat the oil to 190C°/375F°. if not (like me) just throw a small peace of potato in the oil and wait until it gets brown, then you will have to experiment a bit but esentially you want the potatoes to fry evenly through without getting too brown anywhere. so start with very small portions if you are not sure about the temperatur.

4.) now after their bath in cold water the potatoes should dry a bit because oil and water dont really like each other. place them on a paper towl or use one of those amazing salad spinners.
5.) start frying your own potato chips =) they will need a few minutes until they are golden, then place them on a paper towl to remove excess oil and season them right away so the seasoning can stick to the chips and you are done!

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