Monday, 27 August 2012

Our balcony

This is our little balcony in Tel Aviv. Really not a lot of space but enough for now.
This is my experimentation station =)
where i try planting seeds of things like lemon grass, cotton, tabak, chilly, eukalyptus, tee tree and other things.
We had soo many tomatoes and everything went fine until they were supposed to build acctual tomatoes. The flowers just started getting dry and fell of the plants! The only way i can explain that is that there were not enough insects or wind to pollinate/feritlize the flowers. After we realized that, we tried `helping` with a small brush but it was to late.
So next time we will know better and try helping from the beginning.
Other things grow very well in our small `garden` like this raddish....
...or herbs like this basil.

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